The Why & How of Securing Treasury & Payments

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When it comes to fraud, the past few years have seen a massive rise in criminal activity perpetrated against businesses and institutions. Often, these attempts will specifically target financial personnel including treasury and those with authority or oversight over payments activity. Although continued technological enhancements are allowing organizations to manage payment operations in a more efficient manner, criminals are also leveraging new technology to develop more sophisticated and dangerous fraudulent techniques. The result is that organizations must be more prepared now than ever before when it comes to protecting their financial assets.

This webinar will explore the dramatic increase in fraud that has occurred within the financial environment and examine how new technologies have given way to the creation of more sophisticated criminal techniques. The presentation will also identify common areas of exposure that exist within organizations today and, finally, analyze specific methods and strategies that financial practitioners can employ to protect themselves. 

SecureTreasury™ is a professional training program designed to reduce the risk of payment fraud in corporate and banking institutions by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within the context of a complete treasury security framework.

Strategic Treasurer is a top tier consultancy in the areas of security, technology, and compliance. Corporate clients, banks, and fintech providers all rely on their industry leading advisory services which are backed by a deep awareness of current practices, plans, and perceptions through annual industry surveys and decades of treasury experience.

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