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Training Course

You are at risk.
Fight back against fraud.
The Problem
Corporates are under attack.
Treasurers must respond.
With fraud on the rise, corporate coffers are being targeted by increasingly sophisticated criminals. One of the best ways to protect your organization is to educate your people.
Fraud is on the rise.
It is growing in frequency and complexity.  Criminal payouts are greater than ever.
Everyone is at risk.
If your firm is not currently under attack, it is certainly under surveillance.
Awareness is crucial.
Defend yourself against the risk of critical loss. Know how to spot fraud attacks.
Global Training
All you need is a browser.
Deliver expert training directly to your team members all across the globe through a user-friendly, cloud-based platform.
Course Overview
Professional training.
This cloud-based program is designed to reduce the risk of corporate payment fraud by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within a complete treasury security framework.

New Profit of Payment Fraud

Things aren’t as they used to be. With the growing complexity and prevalence of cyber fraud, we now live in a world where ‘crime does pay.’ Understand the nature and criminal calculus of treasury fraud in today’s corporate climate.

Mapping the Battlefield

In the interconnected digital age, payments occur across a complex web of networks intertwined across multiple systems with numerous points of contact. Gain deeper awareness of the vulnerabilities that exist within such a multifaceted environment.

Treasury Security Framework – Company View

With multiple areas of exposure across an organization, it takes interdepartmental efforts to proactively defend against attempted fraud. Walk through the Four Pillars of Treasury Security in a broad context that demonstrates the need for a global response. This includes: C-Suite, IT, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance, Operations, etc.

Treasury Security Framework – Treasury View

Given the payment-centric nature of corporate cyber fraud and Treasury’s role as a steward of the organization’s financial assets, it is critical that Treasury play a central role in the design, implementation, and ongoing management of the security framework that specifically addresses the flow of money in to and out of the entire environment.

Key Security Policy Points

Review general policy components for an effective defense.  Areas of coverage include: computer hygiene, mobile devices, social media, hard drive protection, best password practices, email/phishing, and more.

Common Fraud Types Defined

Understand the meaning behind the common terms utilized throughout this course: system-level fraud, business email compromise (BEC), A/P vendor fraud, ACH fraud, check fraud, and file control breakdown.

Fraud in Action: Bangladesh

Walk through an experience of system-level fraud where large scale loss occurred due to a series of fraudulent activities in conjunction with numerous points of failure across various layers of security.

The Criminal Playbook

The criminal playbook involves a myriad of tactics for stealing money and/or data directly from an organization; however, there are protective steps you can take to avoid becoming the next victim.

The 12 Security Principles - Parts 1 & 2

Improve your ability to understand the security frameworks at your organization by implementing these key principles.  Walk through control steps with each principle and discover the applicablility to all employees at your organization.


Office, Desktop, and Email Security Practices

Commonly overlooked, these everyday practices mitigate potential violations, which if left undiscovered can expose confidential information and create avenues for criminals to access your organization’s data, systems, and facilities.

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Ignoring the threat is not an option.

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SecureTreasury™ is a professional training program designed to reduce the risk of payment fraud in corporate and banking institutions by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within the context of a complete treasury security framework.

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