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Professional Fraud Training for Treasury & Finance Teams


Thank you for your interest in securing your organization and for exploring our platform as a training solution.

This course currently offers 11 video lessons, each with its own downloadable handout and online testing.  Additional lessons are added annually to increase the value of your subscription overtime and to continually update your team on new criminal methods and the leading practices of defense against them.

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Professional Development GroupStrategic Treasurer is proud to partner with Professional Development Group (PDG) to offer their clients access to our SecureTreasury training course at a discounted rate.

Simply let our representatives know that you found us through PDG when you sign up and your organization will receive a discounted subscription.

For more information, contact Kevin Peak at +1 678.466-2216 or by email at kevin@strategictreasurer.com.

Course Overview

Lesson 8: The Criminal Playbook

Employees at every organization must be aware of common, yet often sophisticated, tactics used by criminals. The criminal playbook often involves stealing money and/or data directly from an organization, convincing employees to send money directly (but unknowingly) to the criminal, or locking an organization’s data for ransom. However, there are protective steps you and your organization can take today to avoid becoming the next victim of cybercriminals.

Lesson 8 Resources

Course Contents

  1. New Profit of Payment Fraud
  2. Mapping the Battlefield
  3. Security Framework: Company
  4. Security Framework: Treasury
  5. Key Security Policy Points
  6. Common Fraud Types
  7. Fraud in Action: Bangladesh
  8. The Criminal Playbook
  9. Security & Control Principles – I
  10. Security & Control Principles – II
  11. Desktop & Email Security Practices

SecureTreasury™ is a professional training program designed to reduce the risk of payment fraud in corporate and banking institutions by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within the context of a complete treasury security framework.

Strategic Treasurer is a top tier consultancy in the areas of security, technology, and compliance. Corporate clients, banks, and fintech providers all rely on their industry leading advisory services which are backed by a deep awareness of current practices, plans, and perceptions through annual industry surveys and decades of treasury experience.

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