2016 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey


Global Survey

In 2016, Strategic Treasurer released the results of their inaugural Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey with underwriting support from Bottomline Technologies.

This survey uncovered the startling reality of the depth and breadth of criminal activity perpetrated against corporations as well as the costly impact of loss both financially and in market perception.

Below is a video of the webinar where Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Jamie Florio of Bottomline Technologies presented the findings.  The presentation starts around four minutes into the clip.

Webinar Replay

Results Report

To further dive into the detailed findings of the survey and discover how you can work to protect your organization from the onslaught of fraud, download our full results report.

SecureTreasury™ is a professional training program designed to reduce the risk of payment fraud in corporate and banking institutions by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within the context of a complete treasury security framework.

Strategic Treasurer is a top tier consultancy in the areas of security, technology, and compliance. Corporate clients, banks, and fintech providers all rely on their industry leading advisory services which are backed by a deep awareness of current practices, plans, and perceptions through annual industry surveys and decades of treasury experience.

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